Friday, December 23, 2011

The Chicken Snails - An Edmonton Flashback

The purpose of this trip is not only getting a chance to visit our families and see the country-side, it is also about B. playing shows! Which until now, I really haven't written much about. Truth is, there are so many things I've been wanting to include in my posts, but I also don't want to spend too much time behind this blasted computer screen. That would really only be taking away from the trip. Enough of that, though, here is my first music post!

When B. was a young buck of only 19 years old, he lived in Edmonton and went to college and played in a band called the Chicken Snails Roadshow. Story is, he walked into a bar and saw two fellows decked out in some pretty rad western-y garb and just walked right up to them and asked them if they were looking for a bass player. One of them didn't hesitate before replying "yeah man, we're looking for you." It was the stuff of legends and local folklore. These guys all lived together in a little house off Whyte ave. which had been coined 'the Establishment,' where they lived and played music together, as well as hosting jams, potlucks etc.

The show that B. played in Edmonton was actually a Chicken Snails reunion. The first of five ten year reunions to happen every ten years. B. opened up the show with his solo routine and had everybody in the palm of his hands. His own material was especially popular. The reunion itself was incredible. I was so happy to finally see this magical band that I had been hearing about for years. They had only one rehearsal before playing together that night, but literally played as if they had never taken a break at all. The energy between these old friends was contagious and everybody was dancing.

Here is a video of the band playing 'Saro Jane,' one of my personal favourites and one that B. also plays during his solo show. I love it!

I can't wait until his show tonight which is, unfortunately, the last show of the tour.

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