Tuesday, March 6, 2012

i love peep-toes

I bought these shoes last year (in black) and honestly, they stretched out pretty quickly and have a pretty thin sole - not exactly the greatest quality shoes around. BUT they are pretty much my very favourite shoe in all other regard. I'm tall so i like a low heel, and since this is a wedge i know I can wear these shoes out dancing or walking home with groceries (or baby!) in tow without having any discomfort or difficulty walking. I also think the plain black wedge goes with just about everything. I love nothing if not a flexible shoe. Thing is, with the fore-mentioned flaws in mind, when my last pair finally fell apart (after I wore them day in and day out last summer,) I told myself I would only buy these shoes again if they were half the price.

They're finally on clearance! Not quite half the price but spring is on the way and i can be a little compulsive when I shop online. In other words, i bought two pairs. Maybe not the greatest use of money with baby on the way, but something tells me I won't regret it.


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