Saturday, June 30, 2012

don't suri, be happy.

for about the last five years or so, I have figured that if blake and I ever had a baby girl, she would probably look a bit like suri cruise. a swath or dark hair, pink lips, chubby cheeks and clear blue eyes; the makings of a baby girl. It's crazy but so powerful to think that in this baby, I recognized some connection to my own conceived baby girl.

I guess this is why i self-indulge and scan through photos of suri whenever I see them in the gossip rags. and on the internet. oops. What always strikes my first is not how beautiful she is, but how lonely she looks. If suri is rosie's celebrity baby look-alike, then a hope the difference is that rosie is always smiling and surrounded by people who love her.

so, does little rosebud look anything like baby suri did? well, the resemblance isn't uncanny, but of all the celebrity babies i have seen, little suri was closest. what do you think?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

my girl at two months

rosebud was two months old yesterday!

oh, my baby girl, you are divine. your eyes melt holes in my soul. your little lips are like the eight natural wonder of the world. when you put one of your little hands on my shoulder or my chest or my hand it just kills me, and best of all is your emerging character, little smiles and a determined spirit that bring me and your daddy and just about everybody who knows you such immense delight. i love you rosie, never leave me!

rosie is as observant as she ever was and i see a fierce determination in her. she hates to be held like a baby, ie. in the cradle position... she is no baby any more. Although she still doesn't fuss or cry a lot, as she learns to do new things she has more conviction in what she wants and is never afraid to let us now. now, she wants to be in a sitting position or even standing! she has strong little legs and can stand up all on her own, as long as we balance her. she is beautiful, with pale skin and clear, inquisitive blue eyes and i hope that she is always as curious, beautiful and determined as she is now.

p.s. she had her first shots today and, although a little fussier than usual, she took them like a champ! she has also all but doubled her birthweight. we could not be more proud.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

bad blogger

aww man, I have become such a bad blogger! I really want this blog to flourish for multiple reasons, but most importantly a a time capsule for myself, and maybe one day for rosie. i think it would be wonderful for her to be able to read about herself through my eyes one day. I also want people to actually read it! because I am vain and i think my life is somewhat interesting and i think some people might agree. So here it is, my resolution to do better, Just please, bear with me and my poor punctuation and my reluctance to capitalize, ever. most of my entries will probably be done as I am nursing so these things have a tenancy to kind of fall by the wayside.

I think one of the most things to remember is that even if i don't have a lot of time, one little picture and a few sentences can suffice! so here goes:
Blake and i are taking Rosie to the country today and I couldn't be happier. I love the city, especially during the summer, but it can be overwhelming and (literally) toxic. If we have to raise rosie in the city, gosh darnit, i'll be damned if i don't make sure that she has one foot firmly planted in the country, as well. this is really sort of hinting at a post that I'm planning for another time now, so I'll leave it at that.

on father's day last weekend, we took rosebud to the montreal folk festival sur le canal which is hosted by one of our dear friends matt large and his wife rebecca. it was wonderful and blake performed a few songs while rosie and i sat with one of my best friends, nastassia, in the dog poop, oops i mean grass(ew). Fortunately even that experience couldn't spoil my day. Here is a family photo she took of us!

I wish you could see my outfit better! I was going for a jackie o sort of look and i think i looked kind of glamourous... minus the cheesy white sunglasses i got in vancouver when i was sixteen!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

the best parts of breastfeeding.

just before she latches, rosebud open her eyes wide and makes a perfect o with her mouth and makes a little noise like 'uh! uh! uh!' and it's so adorable. also, her first ever smiles were ones only for me that she would give me just after nursing and that one hand kneading my breast as she nurses when she is especially hungry or excited just kills me. she also likes to use my breast as a pillow and if she does it at nap time, nothing gets done because how am i supposed to move? I can rarely bring myself to do it.