Monday, May 6, 2013

birthday part one

so, Rosie's first birthday has passed. I haven't blogged about it yet not because I forgot, but because I was so, so busy! I'm just now getting my life back in order.

my folks were here from Vancouver island and i was just finishing up my semester. we had a HUGE barbecue, (photos to come) which was a massive success! Rosie is so, so loved. we made out like bandits despite announcing gifts unnecessary, and a good time was had by all.

my girl has been on this good green earth, separate from me in form, if not heart and soul, for twelve long/short months. she is lively and active, intuitive and curious. her smile is like the sun. her eyes, a bright summer's day that shine at me through a long, cold winter. she walks and runs, she talks, she signs 'please'. I'll use a cliche borrowed many times over and say that she is, indeed, a manifestation of my heart living outside if my chest. baby girl, I only hope that never in your life will you doubt my love for you, never in your life will I be unable to keep you safe, confident, happy. I wish for you anything you would dare to wish for yourself, and more.
forever yours.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

11 months... give or take a week.

Rosebud, my darling, i miss you while you sleep.

i miss your searching eyes and your unending curiosity! a zest for life the likes of which i have never seen. 'hi, hi, hi.' when i nurse you, you pull away and smile, 'hi.' you are walking now and almost running! chase your dreams, my girl (and i'll be chasing you).

kitty is still your favourite thing and you still chirp, screech and sing at the sight of her. i hope you always love animals (and people) the way you do now.

i am so proud of your capacity for knowledge and strength. when we started swimming lessons in january you cried THE WHOLE TIME. but i held you close! gradually, you gained confidence and, with the help of a few friendly foam hippos, you excelled in your lessons until our final two when you entered the pool smiling and cried only because we had to leave. I hope that our first swimming lessons are foreshadowing, a metaphor for the way you will approach this gift of life you have been given. may every daunting task you face be met with just the right amount of fear and apprehension, but may you explore, learn and gain confidence in every day of your life and with any task you wish to conquer. In your hesitation, i will always be there for you to hold onto, for you to cry to, to help you along the way. and if you change your mind? well, hat's okay too.

as we approach your first birthday, i mourn the ending of your babyhood but look forward to all the special moments of your life we have yet to witness. i have such faith in your mind and your abilities and i hope that your ambition and passion are qualities that will stay with you all of your life. my biggest wish is that i will have the ability to keep you safe from harm's reach while meanwhile nurturing you and encouraging you to go forth in your life with the tenacity you already show.

i'm so proud to be your mama.

ps. it's okay to be a fussapotamus sometimes, too.

Friday, March 8, 2013


...which just goes to show how quickly time is passing by, these days.

Rosebud, you are (over) ten months old now.
You can walk! but only a few steps at a time.
You say hi, mama, dada, yeah and kitty.
you are 28.5 inches tall.
you know how to climb down from the bed or couch by turning your little body around and heading down feet first. (this somehow just kills me. i'm SO proud)
I'm exhausted and anxious, but here is a little tidbit of rosie and her new favourite word!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


And this is the view from our front door on this fine, February afternoon.

Of course I know that winter doesn't end officially until the end of march nor does it practically end until mid-late April, nonetheless, it feels torturous knowing that the west coast is already seeing spring-like conditions while we are lost in another winter storm.
Care to remind me why I ever moved here? Oh yes, for the love of my life and eventually this:

I guess my day isn't that bad after all.

Monday, February 11, 2013


a gino washington kind of day, today. something energizing is necessary when chasing around a(n almost) toddler!

first steps?

We've had quite the morning with Rosie today! She woke up in the middle of the night so she was in our bed with us, but she woke up first. I guess she was pretty frustrated that her mama and daddy were still asleep, but rather than pulling my hair or tugging out my earrings (like she usually does), she grabbed my iphone and turned on some music. Mazzy Star! While i was bumbling around reaching for my glasses, she somehow managed to call her dad's cell phone, thereby waking him up as well! He went right back to sleep while i gave her kisses and we got ready to make the best of our early saturday morning! I hope i remember our little adventures forever.

Another thing! she may or may not have taken her first steps yesterday. I was in the kitchen doing some clean up and Blake was hanging out with rosie and playing words with friends on my phone. He was watching her as she held onto a chair but then looked down at his phone to complete his word and when he looked up, she was standing in the middle of the living room, out of reach of any furniture! here is our beauty as of Thursday, when we had a little impromptu photoshoot

ALSO: by the time i had finished writing this entry, i had indeed caught rosebud walking unassisted again! Just one step, but WOW!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


on wednesday mornings, i go to class. the first one was really tough for me because oh my god, will she be okay without me? it's four whole hours and she's awake! (it's somehow a little easier to leave her when she's sleeping. she doesn't even know i'm gone! unless she wakes up...) the first wednesday went swimmingly, of course, and now i don't even worry. not on bit! (okay maybe a TINY bit)

wednesday in our household is daddy daughter day! if b. has a painting contract on the go that week, he says, sorry boys, wednesday is daddy daughter day. they stay in bed after i've gone, just a little while longer while the house warms up. they get up and daddy feeds the girl and gives her water. they play piano together and then listen to classical records. blake tell her everything! the composer, the instruments, the time period. he reads her books. more often than not, she's asleep when i get home.

today i snuck to the grocery store to grab a few things before heading home. the air was brisk and i missed me some baby slumber sighs, so i walked quick. she was awake, but just! sleepy smell still clinging to her hair and clouds in her eyes. even so, just a quick cuddle and away she went in all fours, chasing the dog, chasing the cat.

I'm a better mother because of it; even without knowing i do, i miss her, and when i return i love her even more. despite mama's brief absence, i have it on pretty good authority that wednesdays are rosie's FAVOURITE day of the week.

Friday, January 25, 2013

two tooths and water

i know i kind of went over this in my last post, but boy oh boy, rosie's just not a baby anymore.

I love motherhood and all of the rewards it gives me. kisses and smiles have never been such a high currency to me as they are for me now. she sleeps now, mouth gaping open. and a little tooth! no, two little teeth peek through!

breath as soft as a cashmere cloud and the smell, oh, the smell! nothing smells just quite like a baby's breath. but oh, when she wakes she is like water. she is still, deep and pensive. she is waves crashing, a storm about to break. she is the sun, smiling through dark clouds. she is my silver lining. little rosebud, to see you blossom is the sweetest thing. when i sleep i dream of days spent with you. love, mama.

Monday, January 21, 2013

SUNDAY SEVEN INCH - two quirky old songs.

two song i love than are fun(ny) to sing while washing the dishes (incedentally, my favourite time to sing!).

i always get a huge kick out of sounds that sound happy and swinging but have really sad or dark lyrics. this cover by chaz mcdivett and nancy whiskey is pure brilliance and exactly that. i just love the contradiction between the ontent and the form. and the whistling kills me!

benny goodman with martha tilton!

another swinging take on a familiar classic! doesn't martha just sound so suave? i love her vocal here, just love it.

Friday, January 18, 2013

tiny tot

rosebud can stand unassisted for a few minutes at a a time. rosebud has learned how to open the drawers in the kitchen all by herself. if you giver her something that she doesn't want, rosebud throws it defiantly on the floor.

At just 8 and a half months old, i feel like she is a toddler already.

but then, she is still so small. waving her little hand from across the room "hi mommy, hi." sleeping head heavy on my chest.

she had her first swimming lesson yesterday. she cried through about half of it (the water was cold!), but looked just darling in her little red bathing suit with the red hearts.
here's proof.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

rosebud is (over) 8 months!

rosebud talks. she leans in for kisses and, sometimes, returns them. rosebud follows the cat and dog around the house. rosebud stands with one hand and every once and awhile she lets go and hovers there for a moment without realizing what she has done! stand tall my daughter! be confident! don't be afraid! she has blue ayes that sparkle (just like her daddy's) and a smile that shines like the sun.

we love her more than we knew we could. how can someone so small hold me in the palm of her hand?