Friday, January 25, 2013

two tooths and water

i know i kind of went over this in my last post, but boy oh boy, rosie's just not a baby anymore.

I love motherhood and all of the rewards it gives me. kisses and smiles have never been such a high currency to me as they are for me now. she sleeps now, mouth gaping open. and a little tooth! no, two little teeth peek through!

breath as soft as a cashmere cloud and the smell, oh, the smell! nothing smells just quite like a baby's breath. but oh, when she wakes she is like water. she is still, deep and pensive. she is waves crashing, a storm about to break. she is the sun, smiling through dark clouds. she is my silver lining. little rosebud, to see you blossom is the sweetest thing. when i sleep i dream of days spent with you. love, mama.