Thursday, October 25, 2012

because the lasts never last

today was the first time i *really* caught rosie crawling. and it was wonderful. and we also went grocery shopping, and i didn't have to carry her in a wrap or push her in the stroller, because she can sit up in the shopping cart all by herself now. I was so proud. and i did take the time to think, to remember those long lost days when she couldn't hold up her own head. the same head that now turns every which way, the whole world to see. most parents know how quickly these moments pass and how unbelievable it is to see our little tiny babies turn into full blown people before our eyes. we celebrate the firsts, but really, how often do we think about the lasts?
just today, somebody opened my eyes to this wonderful Huffington Post article. I know I post touching little articles just about once a week, BUT REALLY THIS TIME! MY HEART! I feel like I have rashes on my cheeks from crying so many tears at this article! I feel like every parent should read it once a month (or so, i know we're all busy) just to make sure that we don't forget to remember all those special little moments. i only hope i can/will.
my rosebud, i love you.
and here she is, kind of crawling, kind of laughing, and totally lighting up my life. thank you, little darling.

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