Wednesday, April 3, 2013

11 months... give or take a week.

Rosebud, my darling, i miss you while you sleep.

i miss your searching eyes and your unending curiosity! a zest for life the likes of which i have never seen. 'hi, hi, hi.' when i nurse you, you pull away and smile, 'hi.' you are walking now and almost running! chase your dreams, my girl (and i'll be chasing you).

kitty is still your favourite thing and you still chirp, screech and sing at the sight of her. i hope you always love animals (and people) the way you do now.

i am so proud of your capacity for knowledge and strength. when we started swimming lessons in january you cried THE WHOLE TIME. but i held you close! gradually, you gained confidence and, with the help of a few friendly foam hippos, you excelled in your lessons until our final two when you entered the pool smiling and cried only because we had to leave. I hope that our first swimming lessons are foreshadowing, a metaphor for the way you will approach this gift of life you have been given. may every daunting task you face be met with just the right amount of fear and apprehension, but may you explore, learn and gain confidence in every day of your life and with any task you wish to conquer. In your hesitation, i will always be there for you to hold onto, for you to cry to, to help you along the way. and if you change your mind? well, hat's okay too.

as we approach your first birthday, i mourn the ending of your babyhood but look forward to all the special moments of your life we have yet to witness. i have such faith in your mind and your abilities and i hope that your ambition and passion are qualities that will stay with you all of your life. my biggest wish is that i will have the ability to keep you safe from harm's reach while meanwhile nurturing you and encouraging you to go forth in your life with the tenacity you already show.

i'm so proud to be your mama.

ps. it's okay to be a fussapotamus sometimes, too.

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  1. I just LOVE that photo of her with her "baby"....brings tears to my eyes! you are an awesome MOMMA!