Monday, May 6, 2013

birthday part one

so, Rosie's first birthday has passed. I haven't blogged about it yet not because I forgot, but because I was so, so busy! I'm just now getting my life back in order.

my folks were here from Vancouver island and i was just finishing up my semester. we had a HUGE barbecue, (photos to come) which was a massive success! Rosie is so, so loved. we made out like bandits despite announcing gifts unnecessary, and a good time was had by all.

my girl has been on this good green earth, separate from me in form, if not heart and soul, for twelve long/short months. she is lively and active, intuitive and curious. her smile is like the sun. her eyes, a bright summer's day that shine at me through a long, cold winter. she walks and runs, she talks, she signs 'please'. I'll use a cliche borrowed many times over and say that she is, indeed, a manifestation of my heart living outside if my chest. baby girl, I only hope that never in your life will you doubt my love for you, never in your life will I be unable to keep you safe, confident, happy. I wish for you anything you would dare to wish for yourself, and more.
forever yours.

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