Tuesday, April 24, 2012

induction... or not?

Still no baby! To be honest, I'm not completely surprised. For one thing, this baby wasn't *exactly* planned. I have no idea when my last menstrual period was. at all. So when the doctor determined the gestational age of this little person, it was based on ultrasounds, which I hear aren't all together accurate. In fact, at our 20 week ultrasound (which we had at about 24 weeks, oops!) the ultrasound technician told us she would suggest changing the due date to April 21st. Our doctor kept our original due date, but the 21st always seemed more reasonable to me for whatever reason. I'm also not surprised because I only just finished all of the assignments I had been working on to finish up my courses this morning. I had to ask for a couple of extensions, which I never ever do, by the way, but I'm finally finished! Maybe now I'll be able to send the baby some come hither vibes. I want to meet my little one!

I'm getting a bit anxious now. As I said, our doctor chose to keep our original due date, which was April 16th (my mom's birthday!) Our doctor has also told us that he would only let my pregnancy go ten days 'late' before inducing labour. I DO NOT want to be medically induced! At all! I am much much more comfortable with the idea of this baby coming on its own. My mom is also coming to stay with us for a week on Thursday, and so there is more than one reason I would like to have my baby in my arms before then. I love my mom and know that it would be helpful if she were around for the birth, but I would really, really like for B. and I to be able to spend time with our child together before anybody else shows up. The whole idea overwhelms me. My ideal is me spending the first week in bed with the baby figuring things out as B. gravitates around us, loving us and helping me but also having the opportunity to do so at his own will. Then again, this is my first time: who knows what I want?

So today was a day of me trying to gently encourage the appearance of this baby by wednesday. Although I am uncomfortable with the idea of being medically induced, I have sort of embraced a more holistic approach by using some of the suggested 'natural' inducing techniques that can be found on the net. Today I: took Evening Primrose Oil orally (something I have been doing for the last few days,) drank Red Raspberry Leaf tea, ate fresh pineapple, cleaned the house and went grocery shopping (nesting!) drank a glass of wine, tried meditating positive birth vibes, had a special moment with B. and tried nipple stimulation, all of which can help to naturally induce labour. I bought Castor Oil but I have reservations about taking it so I'm planning to hold off for now. So far all of this has resulted in nothing but some good ol' Braxton Hicks. Fun as it is when they don't hurt, I almost wish they did! Am I crazy? Am I ready for this?

I'll let y'all know how I'm feeling in the morning.

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  1. You're not crazy. It is completely weird to actually look forward to labour, but when we get to this stage, it is definitely desirable!

    I feel the same way as you about inducing. I would MUCH rather go into labour on my own. I have seen so many inducements end up in c-sections because they just happened too early. On the other hand, I know sometimes they are medically required. It is so hard to be in this position questioning what is best.

    Tomorrow I go for an ultrasound and a appointment with an induction specialist to talk about scheduling one. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I am glad I'll get an ultrasound to check things out. And I'm hoping we'll schedule an induction for a few days out so that I can give my body a little more time.

    As for castor oil, I have heard that it only causes you to feel like crap. But some people swear by it! :) I wouldn't touch the stuff though.