Saturday, June 30, 2012

don't suri, be happy.

for about the last five years or so, I have figured that if blake and I ever had a baby girl, she would probably look a bit like suri cruise. a swath or dark hair, pink lips, chubby cheeks and clear blue eyes; the makings of a baby girl. It's crazy but so powerful to think that in this baby, I recognized some connection to my own conceived baby girl.

I guess this is why i self-indulge and scan through photos of suri whenever I see them in the gossip rags. and on the internet. oops. What always strikes my first is not how beautiful she is, but how lonely she looks. If suri is rosie's celebrity baby look-alike, then a hope the difference is that rosie is always smiling and surrounded by people who love her.

so, does little rosebud look anything like baby suri did? well, the resemblance isn't uncanny, but of all the celebrity babies i have seen, little suri was closest. what do you think?

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