Thursday, June 28, 2012

my girl at two months

rosebud was two months old yesterday!

oh, my baby girl, you are divine. your eyes melt holes in my soul. your little lips are like the eight natural wonder of the world. when you put one of your little hands on my shoulder or my chest or my hand it just kills me, and best of all is your emerging character, little smiles and a determined spirit that bring me and your daddy and just about everybody who knows you such immense delight. i love you rosie, never leave me!

rosie is as observant as she ever was and i see a fierce determination in her. she hates to be held like a baby, ie. in the cradle position... she is no baby any more. Although she still doesn't fuss or cry a lot, as she learns to do new things she has more conviction in what she wants and is never afraid to let us now. now, she wants to be in a sitting position or even standing! she has strong little legs and can stand up all on her own, as long as we balance her. she is beautiful, with pale skin and clear, inquisitive blue eyes and i hope that she is always as curious, beautiful and determined as she is now.

p.s. she had her first shots today and, although a little fussier than usual, she took them like a champ! she has also all but doubled her birthweight. we could not be more proud.

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