Monday, July 30, 2012

dog days and baby blues

the dog days of summer are upon us.
actually, it's not as hot as it has been, so why am i complaining?

It's just that the days are starting to drag on and most of the exciting things I was looking forward to for the summer are behind us. Our trip out west is still to come and for that i am SO excited, but even so, these last few days i have been in a rut. i'm not going to lie about it, either. some of it is due to the fact that slowly but surely i am starting to feel just trapped. rosie still won't take a bottle. we've tried a few times, possibly not enough, and she still doesn't really understand how to suck on the nipple of a bottle. it just eludes her. i love breastfeeding, but sometimes, god forbid, i just crave a little freedom. as a reformed party girl, i'm feeling the need to have just one night out on the town with some good friends and a few beers. just one night?

i feel like mom's are never supposed to make such declarations. doing so makes us seem self-indulgent, reckless and irresponsible, but i don't think that it should. I love my little bud and she is the most wonderful thing i could ever imagine, but i don't think women should be stigmatized for needing more than just motherhood to feel fulfilled. I know that this is just a typical mid-summer slump and i'll be over it in no time, but i just wanted to put an honest voice out into the world to say that it's okay to want to break free every once and awhile, just as long as you keep your priorities straight.
and now, i've got a dress to sew! for my brother-in-law's wedding... wish me luck!

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