Friday, January 6, 2012

baby names! part 1.

I'm fairly convinced that this baby is going to be a boy, but none-the-less B. and I are happy to leave the gender as a surprise for the birthday and have been having fun (for the most part) picking both girl's and boy's names. Here are some girls names I love! This is my list, not ours, so some of these names have or will be vetoed, but this is just a general list of names that tickle me right now- subject to change, of course.

- ada
- adele
- adeline
- amelia
- april
- audrey
- ava
- belle
- beatrice (bea)
- charlotte
- clementine
- eleanor
- elizabeth
- ella
- grace
- isabel
- juniper
- sidney

Most of them start with vowels because for whatever reason, I just find they flow nicely with B.'s last name. My number one pick for a middle name right now is grace. I find it flows nicely with a lot of different types of names and I also just think it is such a sweet name for a wee girl. If only picking boy names was so easy!
if you have any comments, constructive criticism or suggestions, shoot them my way. We can use all the ideas we can get!

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  1. I love names that are unusual, so I'd choose something other than Isabel and Belle since they are so close to the #1 baby name in the US right now (maybe different in Canada?). Beatrice and Clementine are my faves from your list! Another similar "old fashioned" name I love in the same general style is Tabitha.