Thursday, January 5, 2012

an honest post

I desperately wish the baby next door would stop crying. She is about a year old, and screams and cries intermittently throughout the day on most days. Whenever she starts to cry, my blood curdles and I get so so afraid of what B. and I may be in for. Is this what it will be like for us?

does this mean I am a bad person? Does this mean I will be a bad mother?

I have three and a half months to go and every day I am more excited - and more terrified.

Any advice or perspective?


  1. You are soooo normal! :)

    I can't even tell you the number of times I silently cursed out a crying baby on a plane or rolled my eyes at parents with sobbing children at the grocery store or in a restaurant. We all do it.

    I think there must be some sort of major hormonal/bio-chemical shift that happens once you give birth -- really! The crying of your OWN baby will affect you so, so differently than the crying of others. (Though I have found that I am waaay more sympathetic than I used to be!)

  2. thanks for the support, it was much needed!