Thursday, January 12, 2012

getting good at life

I'm not, by nature, a very good housekeeper. My "life's too short" attitude has pretty much ensured that there are always dirty dishes in my sink, dirty clothes in my hamper (not to mention on my floor) and dust-bunnies in the corners of my kitchen, living room and bedroom. Sometimes this doesn't bother me, but even in my best moments, I wouldn't refer to it as a particular point of pride. When I feel self conscious about it, i usually shrug it off and tell myself that people who love me and know me know that I am a bit messy around the edges, but that is just a part of me that should be accepted and loved as it is. Often in life, I am juggling being a good student, hard worker, reliable friend and a supportive wife, and despite all of that, I am always sure to make sure I have a little 'me' time. When I am home I simply refuse to spend my valuable time scrubbing the bathtub or shining the light fixtures when I could be kicked back watching a great movie or reading a favourite book with a beer in hand (or sleeping in, I just loooove sleeping in. and late!) Being pregnant has put me into a bit of a panic, from time to time. i few of my first trimester hormone surges found me on my knees, broom in hand, crying about "how could I be a good mother when I can't even keep my apartment clean!?" Thus, my subconscious new years resolution has been to get better at life. I am proud to say that all my dishes are clean and there are no dust bunnies on my floors! I have also been waking up early. At just about ten every day (early for me!) I have been bouncing out of bed and feeding myself a good breakfast, ensuring a good start to my day. It feels good! I'm still giving myself a healthy dose of me time- something I anticipate I won't get much of in a few months time- but I'm also just kind of getting better at life. I almost didn't want to write this post for fear of jinxing things. It is still only January 12th and I do have three courses on the go, a husband, a handful of good friends and a job that all require something of me. My housework skills do still have a ways to go, my pantry is disorganized and I have a couple of disgruntled looking houseplants. But here's to a good start at just keeping things together. I just hope I can maintain it as the third trimester fatigue kicks in and my course load truly kicks in. Wish me luck! Also, funny tidbit from today: me, looking in the mirror, "oh, my skin looks great today! what a wonderful surprise!" (my face has been breaking out like crazy since pretty much day 1 of this pregnancy) ten seconds later "...oh yeah, that's probably because of all that make-up I put on this morning..."

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