Thursday, February 23, 2012

diy maternity shots

yesterday morning, fresh out of bed, pillow wrinkles still creased into my cheeks, I decided to take some pictures. Inspired by two images i found on Pinterest (yes, I have one too!) I decided to give my own pretty pregnancy silhouette pic a shot.

Aren't these two photos jut lovely? I'm crazy about the grainy texture and the dramatic affect that comes through the contrast without the aid of a lot of detail.

I had to rearrange furniture a bit a construct a tripod with my coffee table and a stool, but eventually i (kind of) got the effect I was looking for. Here are my two favourite shots! I took a couple of nudie ones, too, but those are for me and B.'s eyes only... sorry folks!
I'd like to try it again with the assistance of somebody else. It's hard to get just the right angle when you're running back and forth trying to ensure the timer is working properly, but overall I think they worked out well.

What do you think?


  1. You look awesome! Here's another post you might be interested in -- it gives a few tips:

  2. yesss those pictures turned out well! can't wait to take similar shots when I have babies haha