Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the show!

Hey everybody! The valentine's day show went off without a hitch (yes, i realize it wasn't on valentines day, but it just has such a nice ring to it!) I felt puffy but ended up having a great time, despite doing door all night. The bump was quite a conversation starter, to be sure! B. and the boys knocked everybody out of the park and played an awesome set. i didn't do quite as much dancing as usual but still managed to make it on to the dance floor for some of my favourites. My bladder did have an effect on this, however. At one point during his set B. played a song written about me called Terrible Tara Belle. He announced the song ahead of time and dedicated it to me, telling the crown what an awesome wife and soon to be baby mama i was to him and asked me to come dance out front for my special song. Problem was, I was on the can having a little piddle! Rockabilly songs are so short that by the time I was finished up and had made it to the fron of the stage, the song was ending! Better luck next time, I guess.
My biggest regret? I lost track of time and didn't get to put on my make-up! I guess if that is my biggest regret then it must have been pretty great! Oh, and one more: We ended up having a bunch of people crash at our little apartment that night, all of them arriving pretty late and waking me up. All was well in the end, but being pregnant and exhausted doesn't seem to be a great combination for my temperament.

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