Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Party!

I am just getting ready for a big ol' show. It's me and B.'s sixth annual Valentine's Day show and dance! Blake books the bands and picks up the gear and plays the show and I decorate, usually get quite tipsy and work the door. This year will be sans tipsy, obviously, but fortunately the bar serves non-alcoholic beer so I will not have to go without my beloved beers.

I am all dressed up wearing the only red shirt that fits. I tried another one on that I successfully wore to a SNAP! party about a week before I was pregnant and I looked ridiculous. My boobs really have gotten massive. They were popping out the top and even at the armpits where the armpit holes are. I still feel large and squished as an overstuffed sausage but at least my clothes fit. Thank goodness for Forever XXI stretchy black pencil skirts. One of the only fit me then/fit me now items I have. The list becomes smaller and smaller and still, I refuse to buy any maternity clothes! I'm feeling a bit anxious about this whole event but hopefully all will go well. Wish me luck!
Here's a silly little picture of Blake and I, our second Valentine's Day jamboree. I look so young!

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