Monday, November 12, 2012

a summer love story - with bluegrass

last night, Blake and I attended the 15th anniversary of bluegrass night at barfly.

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe somewhere, it is April 24th, 2005, and I have just arrived in the big, strange city of Montreal from my small-town coastal city nestled away safely in Vancouver Island. My room-mates are people i know from back home, and upon arrival at my new apartment in the heart of le plateau, they collectively decide to take me out on the town, even though it's Sunday night! because I'm eighteen and legally allowed to drink in real bars!

Barfly is a dive-y, hole in the wall joint on the main not for from my new digs. There is bluegrass music, smoke hanging in the air, conversations in at least two languages and lots and lots of beer. after being asked about whether or not i liked the music, my reply was 'I don't think I get it, but I'm pretty sure I like it.'

and there was that mysteriously handsome young man playing the cello? no silly, that's a bass! all night long.

I went back almost every single sunday night that summer.

my love for the music grew in leaps and bounds, and I always kept my eye on that man, whom i affectionately referred to as 'rockabilly boy.' eventually, he had his eye on me, too. that summer went on and became the summer dreams are made of, but was abruptly ended when i ran out of money and had to go back 'home' to Vancouver Island to go to college.

Now, in this universe, it is been about seven and a half years later. I am older, wiser, and have had a lot more pints of beer from those sordid barfly taps. not so many lately, however, because me and 'rockabilly boy' are married and have our own perfect little child, equal parts he and i. i don't know the ending to this story, yet, but here's hoping for 'and they lived happily ever after...'


PS. last night rockabilly boy played one of his old classics, and i closed my eyes and saw that girl, that boy, all those years ago. i saw rosebud. and i cried! Unabashed, right there in the middle of that crowded bar.

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