Saturday, November 10, 2012


this is important to me, guys.

my papa, Thomas Vernon, served in the army in the Second World War. He enlisted at just seventeen years old. After his service in the army, he went on to do a lot of work for his local Legions in both Alberta and British Columbia, and was even the founding member of two separate Legion locations. He continued with this service until he died on October 31st, 2002 when I was sixteen years old. Love you, Papa.

My great Uncle Russ, Russel Noel, was Papa's older brother, and he served in the Navy during World War II on a ship called 'The Athabascan.' On April 28th, 1944, The Athabascan was hit by enemy fire, causing a huge explosion, and the ship was evacuated. That night, my Uncle Russ was lucky enough to be rescued by those abord the sister ship, the Haida, but 85 members of the crew were taken as Prisoners of War and 128 men died when the ship sank

Lest we forget.

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