Sunday, November 11, 2012


'i vow to thee, my scotland,' which is also referred to as 'i vow to thee my country' always reminds me of my dad, who is an ex-military man. and it reminds me of Band of Brothers, which is an amazing series (have you seen it? have you watched it four times? *raises hand*). and it just reminds me of war and relatives and it often makes me cry. in a bittersweet way.

oh, danny boy! could any song be more personally appropriate for this week's seven inch sunday? my answer is a resounding no. i hope y'all love johnny cash because he's sure to return.

okay, i love crying as much as the next gal (read: a lot), but there is a time and place and then you move on, no? this next one is a great faron young song from from 1955 and it has always kind of helped me feel more at ease about those who die young. who doesn't want to leave behind a beautiful memory? it's also A LOT more celebratory than those last two, so hopefully it will help you wipe your salty tears away. like I said yesterday, lest we forget!

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