Tuesday, November 27, 2012


rosebud is seven months old! she can crawl all over the place and loves to explore. she can pull herself up to a standing position all by herself and she loves to be standing as much as possible. she still falls down lots, though. she loves following the doggy, the kitty, mommy or daddy from room to room. i love to watch her crawl toward something and then stop and sit up! the first time i saw her pull out that move i was just completely bewildered. she still puts everything in her mouth, especially paper. Her favourite foods are toast, banana, broccoli, avocado and all different types of soup. she talks all the time and calls her daddy 'dada.'
at first we thought, oh, she just talks by saying dadada (which she does), she's not REALLy saying dada. Until one day, about a week ago I was nursing on the couch. daddy came over to say hi, so she pulled off. she looked at him for a moment, placed her little hand on his cheek and then said 'dada', just like that. we both melted.
ps. we got a new camera!

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