Monday, December 5, 2011

i'll be home for christmas

I can't do a long post right now, even though I'd love to, because I am on the verge of a major deadline. Wednesday evening, however, I'll be free and beginning Friday it's me and my hubs against the open road.

We are driving across Canada for Christmas. (Well, we're leaving from Montreal, so almost across Canada) We should be gone for about a month and it's going to be a massive adventure, the likes of which we have never encountered together before. B. has toured the country a few times, so actually it's old hat for him, but I have a feeling things will be different with pregnant wifey in tow. I can't wait to document all of our adventures, so please stay tuned!

But for now, I leave you with this. This will be my first Christmas at home after five years of lovely but somewhat lonely Christmases here in Montreal, and I am positively thrilled. I usually listen to this song on repeat and crying onto my sleeve while B. looks helplessly on, but this year I listen to it soo soo excited! One of my very favourite Christmas songs, sung by the impeccable Judy Garland. Listen on, friends!

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  1. aw, so happy you'll get to be home for the holidays! always as it should be. and "have yourself a merry little christmas" is BY FAR my favorite christmas song. adore!!!
    xo TJ