Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thunder Bay - Day 5

Today we are in Thunder Bay. We got into town early and good thing, because our old van 'judy' was in need of repair... oops! Fortunately, we found a mechanic right away and she'll be back on the road tommorrow morning. Tonight is also our second show of the tour. We're at the venue now, a great little place called the Apollo, where they feed you and take care of you like nobody else. It really is a wonderful place. We also had the pleasure of eating at a little restaurant downtown that is very 1950's diner looking complete with a functioning jukebox. The most remarkable thing about the whole place is that it's run by just one woman! Denise cooks, cleans, serves and everything else and prepares everything from scratch and with a lot of love. She is also just about the nicest woman you'll ever meet and chit-chatted with us for a good fifteen minutes about our trip and lots of baby names (she think we're having a boy, i agree.) So far I'll even say that I like Thunder Bay, just based on the lovely people I've met here so far today, even if it's not the prettiest town (Sioux St. Marie is prettier.) I have got to say that one of the best parts about this trip is meeting all sorts of strange and wonderful people. The other best part is spending really good time with my hubby and creating memories together, obv.

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