Monday, December 12, 2011

Sudbury - Day 3

We left for Sudbury this morning after an incredible breakfast with sian just a block away from her place. I have been through this part of Ontario only once before and it was a long time ago and against my wishes. This part of the country is sooo beautiful and a lot of it is reservation land with high native populations. The highway through is incredible not only for the natural beauty but also for little symbols of the native culture that are all over the rock formations on the sides of the highway: inukshuks. There is one every hundred metres or so on average. They are beautiful and awe inspiring. Unfortunately it was really difficult to get a decent picture of them but here is my best shot. Blake and I are heading to the hotel now and so excited for a low key night watching cable, a frivolity we don’t have at home. Goodnight, everyone!
I wrote tis last night but forgot to post it.. oops!

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