Thursday, December 1, 2011

an introduction.

just a lil bit about me.

I'm 25 years old and a native of British Columbia who moved across the country to Montreal, QC for the man I loved (maybe one day I'll tell you that story.) Fortunately for both of us, things worked out and we have now been happily married for almost two years. Two anglos in Quebec, just trying to make names for themselves.

My hubby is a handsome musician who plays the stand up bass, one of the sexiest instruments around. He plays mostly roots, rock and roll, rockabilly and old time country music and is one of the best players in his field in Canada. really! I'm not a musician or rock and roller myself, but after six years with him I feel like old hat in the scene.

Mostly I stick to serving tables in a hip little vegetarian cafe (for now) and studying Communication Studies, specifically intermedia, at Concordia University.

Thing is, our lives have never been simple. We just try and do the best with what we've got and keep our lives on track, all the while living the way we love. And now... we're pregnant! So things are changing, and big time.

Our little surprise was exactly that, a surprise, but we couldn't be happier. or more terrified. or happier.

This is my way of keeping it all in check... stay tuned, folks!

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  1. Stopped by because I just saw your post on Cup of Jo and I love your name choice if it's a girl -- and I see you're just starting your blog! Good luck with the growth of baby and blog over these next months (and love love love the leopard print, btw!)